Special Events

It is not the intent of Castle Rock Fire Department (CRFD) to cause disruption or shut down any special event. It is simply to verify that no significant fire or life safety issues exist that could compromise safety.

In order to achieve life safety, we must outline the necessary precautions. This information is generic and cannot address every situation, as there are too many variables to consider, therefore communication is essential, and the information we receive dictates the response provided. Despite our efforts to be proactive in life safety, it must be understood that conditions rapidly change as can be seen in past events that have caused tragic results across the United States.

Although CRFD will conduct safety inspections, it is the responsibility of the event coordinator to ensure that he or she maintains a safe environment for the attendees at all times. CRFD assumes no responsibility for changes in conditions or weather that may cause safety to be compromised throughout the event. Any fire or life safety concerns identified during the fire inspection will be required to be resolved.

Access the Fire Department Special Event Application (PDF).

Please use our special event guide (PDF) to ensure that your event is safe and successful.