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Sponsoring a Town event gives your business the opportunity to get its name in front of thousands of people, to be associated with good times and great music, and to be known for helping bring next-level events to Castle Rock. Through activations, product integration, social media and logo placement, your brand has the tools to educate, entertain and engage a captive audience.

Put your best foot forward. Please take a moment to review these opportunities to see what might fit your needs. If you have other ideas, please reach out. 

Signature Event Series


 Season of the Star

Band Submissions


Thank you for your interest in playing music at a Town of Castle Rock event! You may submit your act here for consideration by filling out our online form below.
Please note the following:

  • The submission deadline is Monday, February 13, 2017.
  • Once you have submitted your form, you may mail CDs, DVDs and/or press materials to our office if desired.  We prefer electronic submissions whenever possible!
  • Submissions are for the 2017 season ONLY.  You must re-submit each year.
  • The Town of Castle Rock does not accept emails or phone calls about band submissions.  All inquiries will be referred to this page and the form below.
  • The Town of Castle Rock does not cover performers costs for travel expenses of any kind or parking.

Be a vendor

Want to sell items at one of our events? Please complete our vendor agreement.


Producing high quality events would not be possible without the generosity of people in our community! For more information on volunteering for our events, check out Volunteer Connect.
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