Animals Around the Rock

Join Douglas Land Conservancy and the Town as we dive into the characteristics that define our local wildlife, including raptors, reptiles, bats, insects and other species.

Local wildlife experts, organizations and wildlife rehabilitators, such as Nature's Educators and Denver Audubon, will be featured at these programs. Discover the various types of animals that live locally and all over the world. Find out what they eat, how they hunt, where they live and how they benefit the local ecosystems.

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About the presenters

  1. Nature's Educators is a local, non-profit licensed wildlife education program that is the primary expert for the Animals Around the Rock series. They are always in need of support financially and with supplies for their wildlife ambassadors and the patients in their new wildlife hospital. If you would like to donate items such as sheets, towels, zip-lock baggies, latex gloves, bleach or white vinegar, please visit the Nature's Educators website or email Nature's Educators.

    Additionally, donations to Douglas Land Conservancy of $10 per person or $20 per family are suggested as part of the Animals Around the Rock series.

  1. Batty About Castle Rock
  2. Creepy Crawlies Around the Rock
  3. Raptors Over the Rock
  4. Reptiles Under the Rock

Join the Denver Audubon for a presentation on local bats, adaptations and the benefits they bring to our ecology, sponsoredbat in flight_dreamstime_xxl_98544928 by the Douglas Land Conservancy. Registration is required and limited to 100 participants. This program is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Tuesday, Sept. 12
6 to 7 p.m.
Millhouse at Philip S. Miller Park