Meter Services

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Meter reading

In the first three days of every month, meter service technicians read the water meters for every Castle Rock Water account.

Castle Rock Water currently utilizes an Automated Meter Reading (AM) system to read the Town's water meters. This automated meter reading system allows us to drive by and collect the reading using meter-reading software. This is the standard way of reading meters throughout the industry. Customers are then billed for actual water used.

Accessing your meter

Periodically you may need to access your meter for activities such as flow detection, irrigation servicing or emergency shutoff. Typically, your water meter is located inside your home in the basement or crawl space, nearest the outside wall facing the street. However, some homes have the water meter in a meter pit outside the home.

Make sure your water meter is accessible at all times, especially in the event your water needs to be turned off for an emergency. Do not place boxes, furniture or (if on the exterior) landscaping materials in front of or on top of the meter or meter pit.

Although the meter might be located on your property, it belongs to the Town of Castle Rock (Municipal Code 13.12.050.) Please do not tamper with or remove the meter. Call us at 720-733-6000 for assistance with your meter. 

Meters located in a meter pit are often hard to access and are frequently inhabited by (black widow) spiders and other critters. For your own safety and for the protection of the Town's infrastructure, do not access or tamper with the meter pit. This is especially important in the winter when opening the meter pit allows warm air to escape and the colder air in, potentially causing pipes to freeze.

Flow / leak detection

Being familiar with your meter and water usage is ideal for detecting leaks and monitoring usage. Visit for tips on what your meter looks like, how to read it and how to detect leaks.

Generally speaking, if your meter has a flow indicator that moves or a numeric display that increases, water is flowing through the meter. To monitor usage or detect a leak, turn off your water at the source, and observe your meter. It may be necessary to look at your meter, record the number and look at it several hours later to determine if water is flowing. If you have questions or if your meter is located in a meter pit, please call Castle Rock Water to schedule an appointment with a meter technician to do a flow detection service call.

Service calls

An appointment to access your water meter may be required periodically. A blue door tag will be left requesting you call to schedule the appointment. An appointment for service is required for scheduling and safety purposes for all parties. The meter technician will not come into your home without an appointment.

When the meter technician comes for the exact time appointment, for your safety, please ensure:

  1. Their vehicle is clearly marked with the Town of Castle Rock emblem
  2. The tech is wearing a Town of Castle Rock / Castle Rock Water shirt
  3. The technician has a picture ID badge

For our technicians' safety, please ensure:

  1. All pets are put away
  2. An adult (18 or older) is present in the home
  3. The meter is easily accessible


Meter service technicians are also responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting water service at a customer's property. Disconnections usually take place when an account has a past-due balance. Meter service technicians will hang a red door tag with instructions for reconnection. These technicians are unable to make any exceptions to receive payment in the field. Any communications regarding connection and payment must be made through Castle Rock Water offices at 303-660-1373.

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