Issue Committee

In representative government, like Castle Rock, residents have the right to exercise processes to resolve issues related to governmental action (or inaction) they believe is inconsistent with the will of most residents.

Legal definition

The Municipal Code defines an issue committee as any person, other than a natural person, or any group of two or more persons, including natural persons, that has a major purpose of supporting or opposing any ballot issue or ballot question; or that has accepted or made contributions or expenditures in excess of $2,500 to support or oppose any ballot issue or ballot question.

Basically, an issue committee is a group of residents who have organized to oppose or support a ballot issue or question and in doing so, have raised funds or spent monies in support of their cause.

Financial reporting

Issue committees are required to register as a committee (PDF) with the Town Clerk as soon as the committee is formed. Financial reporting is required and triggered by the acceptance of contributions or expenditures made in excess of $2,500. Formation of a committee requires a separate bank account to be established in the name of the committee.

Report of contributions and expenditures

All registered committees must have a registered agent who is responsible for maintaining all committee records and filing all reports on contributions and expenditures as required based on the election calendar schedule. Original documentation is required to be submitted to the Town Clerk.

  • Reporting is required once the $2,500 threshold is met
  • Reporting is a matter of public record
  • Reporting is required even in no contributions were received or no expenditures were made
  • Reporting includes all contributions:
    1. Contributions in-kind (personal services, office space, or any gift or loan of real or personal property other than money for which no compensation is paid)
    2. Loans (any advance of money made by a member of the issue committee)

An issue committee must have a zero balance and no outstanding obligations before a final termination report can be filed. Issue committees may return unexpended campaign funds to their contributors or donate them to a charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).