Adult Sports

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Scrimmage, socialize and sports

Get active, forge new friendships and enhance your skills by participating in a Parks and Recreation sports league. The department offers a full array of indoor and outdoor sports for adults over age 18. Offerings include men's, women's, coed, recreational and competitive leagues. 

Most sports use team registration, but individuals without a team should fill out our free agent form. Once the form is submitted, staff will pass the information along to team managers.  Or register online.

Season breakdown

Each season may consist of a different length and team fee due to the number of guaranteed games.

  • Spring: April through May (eight weeks)
  • Summer: June through August (10 weeks)
  • Fall: September through October (eight weeks)
  • Winter Session I: November through December (six weeks)
  • Winter Session II: January through March (10 weeks)

2023 fall / winter offerings include:

  • Adult pickleball
  • Adult soccer
    • 6v6 Men's
    • 6v6 Coed
  • Adult volleyball


Get more information about current program offerings and registration.