Board and Commission Member Welcome

Welcome, new members

Thank you for your personal contribution and for volunteering to become involved in your local government and community decision-making process. We appreciate your commitment to public service and hope that you find the experience rewarding.

As members of our Town boards and commissions, you provide an invaluable service to the Town of Castle Rock. Over the years, services and programs provided by the Town have expanded. The detailed studies and considered advice of our boards and commission members are often catalysts for innovative programs and improved services. The expertise, experience, knowledge and interests of our appointees allows the members to review issues, hold public hearings, gather community input and make recommendations to Town Council in an advisory role, thereby improving service and programs for Castle Rock residents and our community.

We welcome you in your new appointment as a Town board or commission member.

General information, rules and procedures are outlined in the Board and Commissions Handbook (PDF).