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Grease interceptor financial assistance program

The Town of Castle Rock and Castle Rock Water have teamed up with Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority to help protect our sanitary sewer system. An Oil and Grease Interceptor is required, per Town of Castle Rock code, in all food and beverage establishments. Some buildings built prior to 1991 are missing this critical water quality measure.

A grease interceptor is generally required in all restaurants; however, for existing restaurants that do not have a grease interceptor, they are required to install one when the restaurant changes ownership, major renovations take place, or a new restaurant is built.

The Town of Castle Rock understands this requirement can create a financial hardship, and we have provided a grant program to assist our businesses with some of the cost of this required pretreatment equipment. The Town of Castle Rock will provide four grants per year on a first-come, first-served basis.

The program will reimburse the recipient for up to $35,000 with a grant up to $15,000 or 50% whichever is smaller for the cost and installation of the grease interceptor. It is accompanied by a loan up to an additional $20,000 to cover the remaining 50% of the total cost. The loan conditions include payback with 5 years at a 2.54% interest rate with the monthly payments added to the water bill. Small business, locally-owned food and beverage establishments are the primary recipients of this program. At this time, schools, churches and hotels are not applicable. 

An OGI or 'grease trap' prevents fats, oils and grease from entering the sanitary sewer system. Municipal Code 13.05.020 states:

Interceptors shall be required within the service area for:

  1. All industrial processes that deal with organic waste and all facilities where the use and operation includes the preparation of food, other than those used exclusively as private residences.
  2. All food service establishments which would contribute any water or wastewater that contains food grade oil or grease to the sanitary sewer.
  3. All additional facilities listed in the PCWRA Code of Rules and Regulations.

Get the Grease Interceptor Grant Application.

Financial assistance programs 

Individual residential customers of Castle Rock Water who are experiencing financial difficulty can apply for the financial assistance program to help pay for their water bills. The program provides qualifying residential customers with a combination of a loan of $150 for 12 months at no interest and a credit of $150 that will not need to be repaid to Castle Rock Water. These amounts were determined by calculating the three-month average monthly water bill for a typical residential customer. Residential customers apply on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting the Douglas County Help and Hope Center (303-688-1114). 

  • A $300 credit will be placed on the water account upon approval by the Douglas County Help and Hope Center. For rental properties, the property owner is required to approve the acceptance of the assistance program.
  • $150 of the credit amount will be repaid over a 12-month period beginning three months from the date of approval. This equates to a $12.50 additional charge added to the water bill per month. 
  • The remaining $150 of the credit will not need to be repaid to Castle Rock Water.
  • If the customer defaults on the payment plan, additional fees and / or disconnection of service can occur. In addition, water is lienable in the State of Colorado. Castle Rock Water has the option to lien the property.