Large Commercial

24 Hour Fitness

The 24 Hour Fitness facade incorporates design elements consistent with the Promenade "Mountain to Prairie" architectural and landscape material theme in a highly visible location on the Santa Fe corridor.  The variety of building materials, building orientation and site location provides visitors and passersby with a strong architectural introduction to the Promenade project.


Small Commercial

Brooklyn Veterinary Clinic

The building facade includes architectural details and materials that create interest and provide an entrance theme to the Meadows commercial center. The building incorporates design elements to enrich views from Prairie Hawk while providing a buffer for the clinic and animal holding areas adjacent to the railroad tracks and open space.  The building sets the standard for future veterinary structures and building orientation on a difficult and highly visible site.


Community Character

Festival Park 

The design team found Festival Park boosts community interest in the downtown experience.  Site orientation, passive and active play areas, use of native materials, and use of paving and seating areas to guide visitors through the site results in a park recognized as the central hub for residents and visitors of our community.  Festival Park provides a transition from suburban to urban development.


Town Identity

Promenade Gabions & Landscaping

The roundabout and artistic gabions, combined and a variety of landscape material, provides relief and enhances the visitor experience.  The uniqueness and visibility of gabions in the public way introduces and element to emphasize the design themes in Promenade.


Adaptive Reuse

The Urban

The "Urban" brings awareness to an existing structure without removing the underlying character of the facade or site.  Landscape and signage improvements, along with minor upgrades to the building facade, adds interest to an existing structure.  The project is highly visible from Perry and Third Street and provides a blueprint to future investors how making minor adjustments to existing structures amplifies the downtown experience.


Public Facility

Renaissance Secondary School

The Renaissance Secondary School represents a forward thinking attitude towards youth education and building design. Site orientation, use of outdoor space and a variety of building materials allows the school to blend in with surrounding land use character.