HAAS Alert

These days, drivers can easily get alerts for directions and updates on traffic. But now, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue is partnering with a national company to make sure motorists are also in the know about emergency situations along their commute.

Emergency notifications

Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and HAAS Alert are partnering on an emergency alert communication service that lets motorists know in advance when they're approaching an emergency scene or an emergency vehicle in in the area. The alert system has been installed in all Castle Rock Fire apparatuses.

HAAS Alerts integrates with Waze, the free, crowd-sourcing traffic and navigation app. Users would automatically receive advanced safety notifications and get rerouted around scenes where Fire Department crews are working. CRFD expects dangerous situations will be avoided if drivers know to safely pull over to make way for responding vehicles.

HAAS has alerted over 93,000 drivers in Castle Rock since its implementation.

What's next for HAAS Alert?

HAAS Alert's integration with other popular navigation apps is on the way. The service will soon deliver real-time notifications directly to in-car dash systems of several major automotive brands. Within the next few years, HAAS Alert says it will be sending alerts to millions of drivers on a daily basis.

Learn more about the HAAS Alert system.