One-By-One Policing

Goal of One-by-One Policing

To serve people one-by-one so together we can create environments that are safe and secure and where people can thrive.


One-by-one policing is a unique philosophy embraced by all members of the Castle Rock Police Department. It is a complete lifestyle our members believe in. One that promotes compassion and a focus on evaluating how best we can serve each person individually.

By serving people one by one, together, we can create safe and secure environments where people can thrive.

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One-by-one policing is Castle Rock Police Department's vision, and is a unique way of leading and serving people that is central to our mission of providing a safe and secure community. This is our purpose, our cause, our belief.

Focusing on Individuals

One-by-one policing starts within our organization. We focus on creating a safe and secure environment for our employees so they are better equipped to serve the community. In order for the department to provide the best possible service to our community, we as leaders must serve our employees individually to create an environment where team members feel safe, secure and can thrive. Trust is then earned and exists between the leadership team and the rest of the organization.

Although the department is responsible for serving the community as a whole, we approach this responsibility by focusing on individuals, thus serving people one-by-one. Castle Rock Police officers understand each individual and their situation is unique.

Providing safety and security is important to our community, but we are inspired to take our service to the community a step further. Many times this involves helping people with problems or concerns that are not specifically related to crime yet are areas of concern related to quality of life.

Community Outreach

  • AdaptABILITY Cycling
  • Brookside Inn (rehabilitation / nursing home) visits
  • Dirt Jumps and Donuts
  • National Night Out
  • Splash Mobs