Community Connect

Help build a safer community

Firefighters fighting a house fire with hose and water Community Connect is a secure website that allows residents to provide important information about their home and occupants. This information can be used by emergency response personnel in the unfortunate event there is an emergency at that address.

Residents can provide as much or as little information as desired. Community Connect gives residents the opportunity to report how many occupants live in the home, how many pets, if anyone in the home has functional needs, and much more. You can provide what you feel is necessary about your occupancy. Community Connect makes it easy to come back and make additions or edits at any time. Community Connect also knows that life changes, so they will email you every few months to check in on any changes in your information.

Community Connect uses bank level encryption for your information so you can enter specifics knowing it's safe on the site.

Give your family the benefit of additional precious minutes in an unforeseen emergency. Sign up today.