Park Improvements

The Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Plan identifies the need for improvements to many of the Town’s existing parks. Butterfield Crossing, Mitchell Gulch and Plum Creek parks will receive the first round of renovations, prioritizing safety and accessibility improvements, life cycle replacement and enhancing user experience.

Planning Process

The department contracted professional landscape architecture firms to engage residents and staff in the renovation planning process. In 2020, Design Concepts was awarded the design contract to create the overall improvement plan for Butterfield Crossing Park; DHM Design Corporation was selected to develop plans for Mitchell Gulch Park and Plum Creek Park on Mount Royal Drive. 

Both firms first met with Parks and Recreation Department staff to review current and future programming needs and maintenance issues and discuss potential enhancements for each site. Using these discussions as a starting point, the firms then posted surveys and online forms in June 2020 to help convey needed repairs to community members and to solicit public feedback for improving these older parks. Design Concepts also invited residents to take an accessibility survey regarding possible inclusive playground additions for Butterfield Crossing Park. 

After incorporating public and staff feedback, renovation concept sketches were created for each park site and posted on the Town’s website for resident review and additional public comment in fall 2020. Input from these surveys was then incorporated into renovation master plans for each park, which will be used when prioritizing future upgrades. 


These projects are funded through the Conservation Trust Fund (lottery proceeds) and Douglas County Shareback.  Approximately $4 million will be available through 2023 and will be dedicated to bringing existing parks to current standards. Available funding will be allocated across sites in accordance with needs based on the bids received.

  1. Butterfield Crossing Park
  2. Mitchell Gulch Park
  3. Plum Creek Park

Butterfield Crossing Park

Originally constructed more than 30 years ago, Butterfield Crossing Park iButterF29s in need of several improvements.

The asphalt basketball and tennis court surfaces have deteriorated, and the Mateflex tiles that were put in place have reached the end of their life span. The irrigation system also requires significant upgrades and the existing playground needs replacement. The 15-year-old synthetic turf also reached the end of its lifespan and was replaced in late fall of 2021. Additionally, accessibility improvements are required.

Several of the desired elements indicated through public surveys were placed into the final renovation master plan, including: an additional paved path, a relocated and expanded playground including proposed inclusive features, new courts and upgraded ADA accessible restrooms. The scale of improvements may provide the opportunity to provide an inclusive playground, pickleball courts, upgraded LED lighting and a revised plaza area. 

American Civil Constructors commenced construction in spring 2022, and the renovated park will host a grand opening event in summer 2023. 

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Survey Results

Butterfield Crossing Park map