Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan

Americans with Disabilities Act self-evaluation and transition plan

The Town engaged with consulting firm Meeting the Challenge Inc. to complete an Americans with Disabilities Act self-evaluation and transition plan for the Town’s facilities and parks in early 2021. It was updated in June 2022 to include appendices for public rights of way in Downtown Castle Rock, and for curb ramps Townwide. View the plan (PDF).

A transition plan is a listing of barriers and potential barriers to access. While Title 2 of the Americans with Disabilities Act does not specifically require intervals at which a public entity must revisit and revise its transition plan, the regulation requires all new construction and alterations since Jan. 26, 1992, to adhere to ADA standards.

Planned projects

As part of the transition plan process, the Town solicited public input in prioritizing these planned improvements:


  • Projects at Emerald and Mitchell Gulch parks (in progress; continued from 2023) and at Town Hall

2025-2029 Parks and Recreation projects

Projects at the following Parks and Recreation facilities are planned for implementation during the upcoming five-year period:

  • Castle Rock Recreation Center
  • Miller Activity Complex
  • Festival, Centennial, Castle Highlands, Bison, Deputy Zack S. Parrish, Baldwin, Founders, Wrangler, Paintbrush, Gemstone, Castle North, Matney, Quartz and Skyward parks
  • Mitchell Creek Trail
  • Community Garden at Glovers Park

2025-2029 facility projects

  • Public Works Service Center, Central Service Center, Public Safety Training Facility and East Plum Creek Water Treatment Plant

2030 and beyond Parks and Recreation projects

Projects at the following Parks and Recreation facilities are planned to be implemented in 2030 and beyond:

  • East Plum Creek, McMurdo Gulch, Native Legend and Sellars Gulch trail projects
  • Burgess Pool
  • Philip S. Miller, Plum Creek and Gilbert, Rock and Triangle parks
  • Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course
  • The Millhouse at Philip S. Miller Park

Downtown and curb ramps

Approach to Downtown priorities:

  • Bring all curb ramps, crosswalk issues and pavement markings to compliance by 2027, as annual repairs are completed and as budgets allow
  • Address street sign issues on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with changes to on-street parking and other items
  • Review timing for Downtown crosswalks regularly – or as concerns are reported – and make adjustments as necessary
  • Work with Parks and Recreation to address plantings, branches and shrubs protruding into the sidewalk as they are reported to the Town
  • Construct new sidewalks where necessary to complete missing segments in the sidewalk network
  • Adjust sidewalk grades or slopes, including Downtown intersection and driveway crossings, to meet ADA sidewalk standards

Approach to curb ramps:

  • Focus on regionalized Pavement Maintenance Program areas:
    • Western Castle Rock (The Meadows) – 2024
    • Central Castle Rock (Metzler Ranch, Red Hawk, Woodlands) – 2025
    • Northern Castle Rock (Cobblestone Ranch, Diamond Ridge, Sapphire Pointe, Terrain) – 2026
    • Southern Castle Rock (Crystal Valley, Glover, Plum Creek) – 2027
  • The Town will use these criteria to prioritize accessibility improvements:
    • Locations identified through grievances
    • Locations where adjacent roadway improvements are occurring
    • Locations in proximity to locations including schools, hospitals and parks
    • Locations with more significant barriers to accessibility
    • All other locations and funding resources area available