Zoom Court Hearing Instructions

All traffic cases in Castle Rock Municipal Court are held by remote appearance using Zoom. Please read this page carefully, as this is a two-step process for most. If you are a defendant making your first appearance in court, you must complete both steps. If you are a victim, witness, attorney or observer, proceed to Step 2.

Step 1: Advisement of Rights

Prior to court, you will need to confirm you have reviewed your advisement of rights. Read the advisement, or watch a video outlining your rights in court. Next, be sure to sign and submit the advisement of rights

Step 2: Zoom

Enter the Zoom meeting.

If you are having technical difficulties with Zoom, please call the Zoom help line at 720-733-6064.

ZOOM meetings Opens in new window

Important: Please reference your ticket or latest notice of hearing to locate your scheduled hearing time, as this is the correct time to log in for court.    

Please understand that your hearing may not begin exactly at the scheduled time. You may be held in a waiting room until the court is ready to hear your case. We are admitting several people at the same time, and we are notified when you join the meeting. During this time, you may see a message that says "Welcome to Court. The clerk will be with you shortly." This is normal, and you are in the correct place. 

Your wait time to be checked in for court could be several minutes up to 1.5 hours. We keep everyone in the waiting room until we are able to move you through the court process. The entire process can take up to 2.5 hours; please plan your time accordingly. Patience is requested as we conduct court as efficiently as possible.

What to Expect During a Zoom Court Hearing

To participate, you will need to use a computer or mobile device equipped with a camera and a microphone.

Once you join the meeting, you will speak with a clerk to check in.

Next, you will enter a separate “room” to speak with the prosecutor.

After meeting with the prosecutor, you will be connected to the Courtroom, where the Judge will hear your case.

Lastly, you will speak with a clerk to receive paperwork, pay fines and fees assessed in your case, or schedule your next hearing.

Normal Courtroom Decorum

During the hearing, participants are expected to follow normal courtroom decorum:

  • Arrive on time, and make sure your device is charged
  • Identify yourself with your real name
  • Dress appropriately for court
  • Eliminate distractions by finding a quiet place to appear remotely
  • Silence all other electronic devices
  • Please mute your microphone until it is your turn to speak
  • Be courteous and respectful to all other persons appearing in court
  • All photography, recording and videography of cases or defendants is prohibited by court order 


Email the Court, or call 720-733-6064.