Festival of Trees Sponsorship Program

FestivalofTrees-Nick Lucey

As part of the Season of the Star, the Town provides live pre-litFestival of Trees featuring dog treats trees in Festival Park for local merchants to sponsor and decorate. Signs acknowledging each sponsorship is included.

These decorated trees add to the festive spirit Downtown and are a featured attraction in Festival Park. Some of the trees feature take-away decorations, which get lots of attention during the season. 

Sponsor a tree

Sponsorship are available for $125 and include a lighted 5-foot pine tree with crated, wrapped root ball and sponsorship sign. Sponsors have the option of decorating the tree with “take-away” promotional items or permanent decorations. 

These sponsored trees give back to the community twice. First, the decorated trees add to the festive environment Downtown. Then, following the season, the trees are planted in one of the Town’s parks.

To reserve your tree, please submit a Festival of Trees Sponsorship Form to Marcy Jones at MJones@CRgov.com..  

More information 

If interested in sponsoring a tree for 2021 Festival of Trees, contact Marcy Jones at MJones@CRgov.com or 303-814-7456 for more information.  

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