McMurdo Gulch Stream Stabilization

Protecting our water quality 

Stormwater improvements are being conducted along the McMurdo Gulch to protect water quality and maintain a healthy stream system in response to impacts from urbanization. Evidence of erosion was observed in various locations along the channel. McMurdo Gulch is a western tributary within the Cherry Creek drainage basin and is located on the east side of Town.

The project includes channel improvements at four locations along McMurdo Gulch that were identified in the 2016 Stream Assessment Report and found to be eroding and unraveling. The improvements include a combination of bio-engineered features, bank protection measures, constructed riffle drops and cascade boulder drops consistent with improvements used on prior McMurdo Gulch Stream Reclamation projects. This project will use a bio-engineering approach to environmentally fit the project into the natural surroundings. Stream stabilization efforts such as these support the mission to preserve and protect water quality within the Town’s open space and the watershed.


Schedule:  Dec 2021 – May 2022

Update: Feb. 24, 2022: Channel improvements at Sites 1A, 1B and 2 are substantially complete. Construction of riffle structures is underway at Site 3. Initial site prep and BMP installation is understay at Site 4 with construction to begin at the beginning of March.


The projects were funded through the Stormwater Enterprise Fund, with contributions from the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority and the local developer.

The contract was awarded to Tezak Heavy Equipment.

McMurdo Gulch Improvements, Priority 1

Please enjoy a moment of peace, compliments of the Stormwater Enterprise Fund!

McMurdo Gulch 2021 Projects location