Message from Chief Cauley

One of the main pillars of our One-By-One Policing philosophy is community cooperation and trust. Transparency in our community engagement, communication and actions are major ingredients when it comes to building and maintaining trust. 

While trust is earned in droplets, it can be lost in buckets. Every day we are presented with opportunities to gain the public's trust, and this is not a task we take lightly. Whether a routine traffic stop, Police Department event, critical incident or interaction in passing, our officers, dispatchers and professional staff are dedicated to keeping our community safe and informed.

In addition to keeping the community up-to-date through our news releases and social media posts, the Castle Rock Police Department offers the following opportunities to increase transparency:

  1. Critical Incident Community Briefings
  2. Flock Safety Transparency Portal

Critical Incident BriefingCritical Incident Community Briefings

The duty placed on law enforcement often requires police officers to take action and make critical decisions in rapidly evolving and dangerous situations. These decisions - and why they were made - often generate questions within the community.

The Castle Rock Police Department has created these Critical Incident Community Briefings in an effort to be transparent with residents regarding serious events, while also still maintaining the integrity of the criminal justice process. We ask for your understanding as not all information and details may be discussed at the time of release.

A Word of Caution

The images seen in these Critical Incident Community Briefings may be disturbing and graphic. In addition, there may be strong language used. Viewer discretion is advised, especially for young or sensitive viewers.

Critical Incident Community Briefings

Current briefing videos available for viewing are uploaded to the Castle Rock Police Department's YouTube channel.