Downtown Historic Preservation Grant

Black and white image of Downtown Castle Rock with 1950's automobile on streetThe Town recognizes the need to protect and preserve our community's history and character.
In 2007, Town Council adopted the Town’s Historic Preservation Plan, establishing programs and policies to guide decisions that could impact the Town’s historic resources. The Downtown Historic Preservation Grant and the Local Restoration Grant and the Design Assistance Program support the goals of the Historic Preservation Plan. 

The Downtown Historic Preservation Grant provides financial incentives for the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic properties within the Downtown Overlay District including exterior rehabilitation and restoration of historic properties. This grant directly supports the Town's commitment to preserving historic Downtown buildings and helps to ensure their long-term viability, regardless of their historic landmark status.

Grant program key points:

  • The maximum grant request is $25,000 per calendar year per project.
  • Applicants must submit proof of matching funds to be eligible.
  • The Historic Preservation Board will review the grants and recommend the projects for Town Council consideration and approval.
  • Buildings must be at least 50 years old.
  • Once a property has received funding, that building would be subject to preservation easement.
  • Building does not need to be landmarked but must have some historical significance.
  • Priority goes to properties in the Downtown Core District, specifically around Courthouse Square.

Grant process

The grant process is competitive, with two rounds annually. The first-round applications are due Feb. 1 of each year, and would be awarded by April 15. The second round of applications are due Aug. 1 with awards by Oct. 15. Grant applications for emergency repairs may be considered at any time. A total of $50,000 in grants will be available per year. If $50,000 in grants are awarded during the first round, the second round will not occur.

Interested property owners or tenants must complete an application to be considered.

Grant application

Access the Grant application form (PDF).

Please submit completed application and any supporting documentation to Julie Kirkpatrick.

Grant criteria & prioritization

The Historic Preservation Board and Town Council will consider grant applications based on the following priorities:

  • Whether the property already has a Landmark Designation
    • Properties with National or State Landmark Designation take priority over Locally Landmarked properties
  • The request is for matching funds for an already-awarded State Historic Fund grant or another national grant for historic preservation.
  • The property is not landmarked but requires restoration/rehabilitation, as determined by the Historic Preservation Board.
  • The building faces Courthouse Square (Douglas County building at 301 N Wilcox Street, surround by Fourth Street, Wilcox Street, Third Street, and Jerry Street).
  • The property is within Downtown Core District, as defined in Castle Rock Municipal Code (CRMC) 17.42.070.B, Downtown Overlay District.
  • Whether the property is owned or leased by a non-profit organization.
  • The project meets the Secretary of Interior Standards for historic preservation.
  • The applicant's ability to provide the required matching funds and to complete the project.

Grant award requirements

Once the Historic Preservation Board recommends and Town Council awards the grant, the applicant must:

  • Enter into a contract, which details the project and funding breakdown, with the Town
  • Agree to encumber the property with a historic preservation easement to the Town upon completion of the project, which includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Easement would be in perpetuity unless altered by Town Council action
    • Property will be maintained
    • Historic Character of the property will remain intact
    • The property may not be demolished/razed for redevelopment
  • The project must be completed within two years of grant award
  • After project completion and receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy (or as approved upon inspection by Town Staff if no Certificate of Occupancy is required), the applicant may request reimbursement of the grant amount

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