Troubleshooting Issues

Locate your water meter

Water Meter Stack with valvesShould you need to turn off the water coming into your home (e.g. for a frozen pipe break), locate the water shutoff valve near your meter on the meter tree. This can typically be found in your basement or crawl space on the wall closest to the street.

If you do not have a meter tree, your shutoff valve is most likely in a closet near the front of your home. Your meter tree is instead in a meter pit in your yard. Do not shut your water off at the meter pit (this valve is the property of the Town and should not be tampered with.) Especially during cold weather, do not remove the lid for the meter pit as it will allow the warm air to escape and colder air in, potentially causing additional problems.

Emergency shutoff

If you need an emergency shutoff at the curb stop or meter pit, call 720-733-6000 during standard business hours and hit Option 1 after business hours for emergency dispatch.

More Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Water Bill
  2. Water Quality
  3. Leaks / Pressure

Reading your water bill
Use your water bill and the tiered water budget to manage your water usage.

How does your usage compare
Every customer in Castle Rock is allocated an individualized amount of water. Your individualized water budget is not compared to your neighbor, but there are ways to gauge if you are being efficient with your water usage.

  1. Irrigation System
  2. Weather
  3. Excessive Water

Checking sprinkler pressure
Too much pressure in the irrigation system can cause undue wear on the system and also result in misting, fogging and ineffective watering. Too little pressure prevents sprinkler heads from popping up.

Managing your irrigation system
Castle Rock Water has a website dedicated to helping customers with irrigation. Here are how-to tips, videos and workshops you can do to manage your irrigation system.

Excess water runoff (PDF)
Continuous water flowing over sidewalks and driveways or pooling can result from various conditions. Troubleshoot how to reduce this excess water on your property.