Fifth Street Widening

Project description

Fifth Street is a major arterial connecting local and regional travel between the eastern portion of Town and Interstate 25. Roadway and pedestrian improvements for Fifth Street have been identified within the 2017 Transportation Master Plan. These improvements will maintain adequate capacity and ensure efficient road network connections for future development.

The Fifth Street widening project will complete all design elements for the transportation network from South Gilbert Street to Ridge Road. The improvements identified in the master plan are:

  • Construct a roundabout at the Fifth Street and Woodlands Boulevard intersection
  • Widening the roadway to 4-lanes between Woodlands Boulevard and Ridge Road
  • Construct a traffic signal at the Fifth Street and Valley Drive intersection
  • Addition of sidewalks from Rock Street to Ridge Road

Project timeline

  • Phase: design (2022)
  • Phase: property acquisition (2023)
  • Phase: construction (2025 to 2026)

Project area

Fifth Street Improvements Project Map 2022

Proposed concept design

Fifth Street Widening Concept Design
Fifth Street Widening Concept Design 2