Potentially Dangerous Animal (PDA)

PDA Permitting

If you are found guilty of possessing a potentially dangerous animal and wisYard Sign Dog Warningh to keep the animal within the Town limits, the animal must be permitted.

An animal determined to be Potentially Dangerous will also require the following:

  • The owner will apply for a Potentially Dangerous Animal (PDA) Permit within five days of the date of conviction  
  • Only one PDA is allowed per household
  • The animal must have a microchip implanted
  • If the animal is a dog, the dog must maintain a current Town of Castle Rock Dog License. This license is separate from the PDA permit and is required of all dogs in the Town. For information on animal licensing with the town, visit our Animal Licensing page
  • The animal must maintain a current rabies vaccination
  • Signage advising of the presence of a PDA at the residence must be displayed. Sign(s) will be provided by the Castle Rock Animal License division  

The review process may require an inspection at your residence. The following items must be submitted with your application:

  • Three digital photos of animal: left, right and front views
  • Microchip confirmed
  • Current rabies vaccination certificate
  • Current Municipal animal license (excluding cats)

Be advised that Animal Control may conduct periodic inspections to ensure compliance with the court’s orders. The restrictions of this permit will be in place for 36 months. Failure to comply with any of the orders, or, if it is determined that the animal remains a threat to public safety, the animal may be seized and impounded. You may then be charged with the more serious charge of Dangerous Animal.

Once the application is approved, you will receive a signed copy of the permit by mail. This mailing will also include the required signage.

Submit an application

Ready to submit your application? You can either complete our online application or print an application (PDF) to be delivered to the Castle Rock Police Department Animal Control Division, 100 Perry St.

There is a one-time non-refundable permit fee of $300. Payments can be made:

  • Online - Send an email to policeanimalcontrol@CRgov.com requesting online payment and your case number. You will be sent an email back with a link to a third-party payment portal. A small processing fee applies.
  • Credit Card, Check or Cash - Please present in person to the Records Department with your permit application. VISA, Master Card, or Discover accepted. Returned checks will nullify the approved permit.

Petition for PDA Permit removal (after 36 months)

Any restrictions ordered in the disposition must be followed and will be effective for 36 months starting from the date of the approved PDA permit. At the end of the 36 months, you may petition the court to have the designation of PDA removed. Be advised that the designation and restrictions will not automatically expire. You must petition the court for removal. If approved, you will no longer be required to comply with the restrictions. Online: Petition for PDA Permit removal. Downloadable: Petition for PDA removal (PDF).