Dog Waste Station Sponsorship Program

Dog Waste Station

In 2010, the Town implemented the Dog Waste Station Sponsorship Program to provide dog waste bags as a convenience to residents who frequent our properties with their faithful companion. Colorado's great climate means hikers, and their dogs use the Town's parks and trails year round. Moreover, nature does not stop calling just because it is winter!

Pet waste contains disease-bearing organisms that can contaminate lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and our Town water supply. Not to mention the smaller problems it causes, such as foul smells and poor traction.


Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to promote your local business directly to a targeted audience of dog owners, and at the same time help keep the community's parks and open space areas clean and disease free. Once you sponsor a dog waste station site, we fill the station with dog waste bags weekly.

Sponsors receive a four-color 6-inch by 12-inch sponsorship sign on their "sponsored" dog waste station. Your sponsorship covers the cost of one year's worth of bags to be refilled at that location. Currently, the stations are going through between 1,000 and 3,000 bags a year. That is a couple thousand potential new client impressions a year!

More information

For information on sponsoring a dog waste station, contact Marcy Jones via email or 303-814-7456.

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors!