StorQuest-Liggett Road Annexation

Annexation proposal

The applicant, KGCB Industries LLC, submitted to the Town of Castle Rock a petition for annexation of unincorporated property in Douglas County, known as StorQuest-Liggett Road Annexation. The annexation petition was formally filed with the Town Clerk on April 13, 2021.

The 5.34-acre property is located approximately a tenth of a mile south of the intersection of State Highway 85 and Liggett Road. The parcels are addressed 2583, 2629, 2631 and 2633 Liggett Road.

Current zoning

The property proposed for annexation consists of four parcels, three of which are zoned General Industrial and one, the westernmost parcel, is zoned Agriculture 1. Castle RV & Mini Storage is currently operating on the site, providing enclosed self-storage units and outdoor RV storage spaces.


The applicant proposed to zone the property General Industrial (I-2) and intends to redevelop the property, constructing approximately 98,000 square feet of mini-storage and RV storage. Climate-controlled interior self-storage units will be available, as well as drive-up standard units. On-site water quality and detention improvements will be made. Frontage improvements will include installation of curb, gutter and sidewalk. A 25-foot right-of-way designation will be made to accommodate the future widening of Liggett Road.

StorQuest-Liggett Road Annexation vicinity map

The annexation process

Annexation proposals must follow a state-mandated process, defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes. That process begins with Town Council determining if the annexation application meets statutory requirements and is eligible to start the annexation process. Then, public hearings can begin in order to determine if the property should be annexed to the Town.

Colorado Law requires that Town Council hold a Substantial Compliance hearing. This meeting occurred on May 18, 2021. At that meeting, the annexation petition was found to be in compliance with Colorado law and the Eligibility Hearing was scheduled for July 6, 2021. At the Eligibility Hearing, Town Council voted 6-0 to approve the resolution finding the property to be eligible for annexation per the Colorado Constitution and Colorado Revised Statutes.

To aid in Council's decision-making, Town staff reviews the project and studies the potential impacts on Town roads, water and overall levels of service. Input is also gathered from other agencies such as Douglas County, local service providers, nearby Homeowner's Associations and the Colorado Department of Transportation. The Town requires that a minimum of three neighborhood meetings be held prior to the public hearings. The Town's goal is to ensure every application matches the community's vision and makes technical sense. 

Following the review process and neighborhood outreach, the applicant went through a series of public hearings before Planning Commission and Town Council to decide if the Town will annex the property. Town Council approved on second reading the ordinances approving the StorQuest annexation and zoning and a resolution approving the associated development agreement.

StorQuest-Liggett Road annexation process

Step Date Related link
First Neighborhood Meeting Feb. 18, 2021 Meeting Summary (PDF) 
Town Council Substantial Compliance Resolution May 18, 2021 Staff Report (PDF)
Second Neighborhood Meeting  June 29, 2021 Meeting Summary (PDF)
Town Council Eligibility Resolution July 6, 2021  Staff Report (PDF)
Third Neighborhood Meeting Aug. 9, 2021 Meeting Summary (PDF)
Planning Commission Annexation and Zoning Recommendation Aug. 26, 2021 Staff Memo (PDF) 
Town Council Annexation and Zoning Ordinances (1st Reading) Sept. 7, 2021
Town Council Annexation and Zoning Ordinances (2nd Reading), Development Agreement Sept. 21, 2021

Documents and more information

At each stage of the process the applicant is required to provide numerous documents related to the annexation process and the Planned Development Plan/zoning process. Please note, some of these documents, due to their size, may take a few minutes to download.

If you would like a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact Development Services at 303-660-1393 or by email