Dawson Trails 

The Proposal

The Dawson Trails project by Westside Investment Planners, Inc. proposes to rezone land within the Town of Castle Rock that was defined by two different zoning districts; a portion of Westfield Trade Center Planned Development and Dawson Ridge Plan Development. The plan was discussed at five neighborhood meetings.

The rezoning and development plan was approved by Town Council on Sep. 6, 2022.

Included in the Development Plan

  • About 2,064 acres of high-density, mixed-use development located near the planned Crystal Valley Interchange
  • 5,850 dwellings and about 3.2 million square feet of commercial, office, restaurant and industrial uses
  • Single-family homes located in the center, west and south areas of the property with higher-density homes in the central and east areas, and Multi-family units along the east areas closer to Interstate 25
  • Buffer areas along the north, west and southern edges of the proposed residential neighborhoods
  • Over 47% of the property is dedicated to open space, parks and trails

Property History

On Nov. 15, 1984, the property was annexed into the Town of Castle Rock as the "Bellamah Annexation." The area was initially zoned as part of the "Castle Rock Ranch Planned Development," which included the Westfield Trade Center. In 1986, the development plan was amended, resulting in the creation of the Dawson Ridge and Westfield Trade Center planned developments.

Previous Zoning of Properties

Dawson Ridge Planned Development

  • Consists of 1,883 acres
  • Located west of I-25, south of Territorial Road, and one mile north of Tomah Road
  • Zoned for 7,900 dwelling units to include single-family detached and attached, townhomes, condominiums, apartments and patio homes
  • Zoned for 9.3 million square feet of commercial, office and retail uses

Zoning and development history: In the late 1980s, the interior roadways were platted and constructed. A site plan for the first residential neighborhood was approved for 234 homes. Water, sanitary and storm-sewer systems were constructed. The project stalled before the start of construction, and bankruptcy measures ensued. In 1992, a suspension agreement between the Town and the Dawson Ridge Metropolitan Districts was executed. That agreement required the property owner to submit a development plan to the Town for review and approval before moving forward with any new development.

Westfield Trade Center Planned Development

  • Consists of 378 acres
  • Located north of Territorial Road
  • Allows for about 11.7 million square feet of commercial and light industrial uses, including research and development facilities
  • Residential uses are not permitted

Zoning history: The property was included in the 1984 Bellamah Annexation and in the 1986 Castle Rock Ranch zoning.

Zoning Update

On Sept. 6, 2022, an ordinance was passed by the Town of Castle Rock, amending the Town’s district map by approving the Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and zoning regulations.

Vicinity map

Map of Dawson Ridge vicinity in south Castle Rock shaded in blue.

Dawson Trails Planned Development Process

The Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan has been reviewed by Town staff for compliance with the Town's guiding documents, Municipal Code criteria and technical requirements. The applicant was required to hold a minimum of three neighborhood meetings, having held five as of June 27, 2022. Public testimony was taken at these meetings. Additionally, the applicant met informally with surrounding Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and residents on at least ten occasions.

  • On Aug. 11, 2022, the Planning Commission concluded its public hearing by making a zoning recommendation for approval to Town Council.
  • Town Council held two public meetings:
    1. Aug. 16, 2022, was the first reading of the zoning ordinance
    2. Sept. 6, 2022, was the second reading and final reading that officially amended the Town’s district map, approving the Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and zoning regulations.

What's Next?

The developer's next steps are to submit Site Development Plans for the various phases of development.

Planned Development Amendment process

Step Date Related link
First Neighborhood Meeting April 13, 2021 First Neighborhood Meeting Summary (PDF)
Second Neighborhood Meeting May 24, 2021 Second Neighborhood Meeting Summary (PDF)
Third Neighborhood Meeting Oct. 12, 2021 Third Neighborhood Meeting Summary (PDF)
Fourth Neighborhood Meeting Feb. 7, 2022 Fourth Neighborhood Meeting Summary (PDF)
Fifth Neighborhood Meeting June 27, 2022 Fifth Neighborhood Meeting Summary (PDF)
Planning Commission Zoning Recommendation Aug. 11, 2022 Planning Commission Zoning Recommendation Staff Report (PDF)
Town Council Zoning Ordinance (1st Reading) Aug. 16, 2022 Town Council Zoning Ordinance (1st Reading) Staff Report (PDF)
Town Council Zoning Ordinance (2nd Reading), Development Agreement Sept. 6, 2022 Town Council Zoning Ordinance (2nd Reading), Development Agreement Ordinance (PDF)

Documents & more information

At each stage of the process, the applicant is required to provide numerous documents. Please note, some of these documents, due to their size, may take a few minutes to download.

For additional information, please contact Development Services by phone 303-660-1393 or email the Planning Department.