Potential New Disc Golf Course

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Project Update (February 2022)

A disc golf course was proposed to be located on the East Plum Creek Open Space; however, the design team determined that course adjustments needed to avoid wildlife habitat areas would limit the quality of the course. 

Town staff and Throw Colorado have investigated other options and determined that Rhyolite Park has great potential for disc golf as its large size, varied terrain and existing amenities, including ample off-street parking, restrooms and trails will provide a great player experience. 

Over the winter months, Town staff and Throw Colorado will be working on course design and installation plans so that course construction can begin in the spring. Over time, trees and other course enhancements will be installed to add challenge to the course. Plans will be posted here as our design process continues. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. We received more than 200 comments during our public outreach in September 2021 showing that the community was in favor of us proceeding with finding a location for a new disc golf course.