Rediscover the joy of eating and learn tNutrition Coaching Opens in new windowo trust your body! Through gentle coaching, we will take a non-punitive approach to reaching your goals and focus on intuitive eating. No diets, no restrictions, no judgment, only love for yourself and food. Together, we’ll break down and combat diet culture, learn to reframe your thoughts to develop a healthy relationship with your body and food, and discover flexible meal planning to fuel your mind, body and spirit.

Meet our Nutrition Expert

Malea received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition from MSU Denver, where she specialized in Advanced Human Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Human Development and Nutrition Counseling. She is a published author in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her experience includes seven years of pediatric and family nutrition work at Children’s Hospital Colorado and two years with elderly populations, both as a Dietitian Assistant. Malea’s approach utilizes a combination of science-backed, intuitive eating principles and gentle nutrition coaching to empower others to find the joy in food and unlearn harmful diet culture mindsets.

New Nutrition Class

Eat The Rainbow -  Are you burnt out on the same meals and snacks? Want to add more variety and color to your diet? Or are you just not sure where to even start when it comes to adding more nutrient-dense foods to your plate? Join our lecture, Eat the Rainbow! We will discuss the many different nutrients and benefits of eating foods in different colors, how to add them to your favorite dishes and discover some new recipes. We will include modifications for canned, fresh and frozen produce because you deserve to nourish yourself in a way that fits your life and needs. As always, this will be a supportive, judgment-free zone dedicated to helping you nourish and flourish! Classes are offered once a month throughout the summer. Registration is required.


Nutrition Coaching - Fees and Options

With one-on-one 45-minute sessions, rediscover the joy of eating and learn to trust your body! Sessions can be purchased individually or in a three-, six- or 10-pack.

  • Individual session: $45
  • Three sessions: $132
  • Six sessions: $260
  • 10 sessions: $400

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