Neighborhood Meetings

We want to hear from you!

Most development projects require a series of neighborhood meetings per Town requirements. Applicants invite residents to hear details about development projects, ask questions, and provide feedback on the proposal. 

The development planning and building process is complex and has several steps between the first project idea and completing its construction. Neighborhood meetings are only required for projects going to public hearing. This can include allowed uses on properties and site development plans for residential and large commercial projects. This gives you the opportunity to stay informed and to have a voice about the proposed plans in your neighborhood. 

How do I find information about a meeting?

Announcements are posted in a few locations online and around Town, informing the public of upcoming meetings. Meetings can be virtual or include an in-person gathering. All in-person meetings will offer virtual attendance (hybrid meeting). 


Facebook graphic for Your Voice Your Town that says "We want to hear from you!"Your Voice, Your Town is a recurring post on the Town’s Facebook page. Follow the page to get the latest posts announcing upcoming neighborhood meetings.

Mailed public notices

Property owners within 500 feet of a proposed project will be mailed a notice letter from the applicant informing them of the meeting day, time, format, and some information on the proposal. If you live further than 500 feet from the proposed project, or rent, you may not receive a letter. All residents are invited to attend, regardless of notifications. You can subscribe to public notices to find out about upcoming neighborhood meetings, as well as public hearings on development projects. 

Public hearing signs

Bright yellow sign with black lettering placed in a field. It says, "We want to hear from you!Look for the yellow Town of Castle Rock Public Hearing signs around the community. Signs are posted on property locations that require public meetings. Each sign has an I.D. number to help you locate a meeting on the Public Notices page where you'll find a summary of the proposed project and information on how to attend.

Public Notices Calendar

Information on upcoming meetings are regularly posted on the Public Notices page. It offers all the information you need to learn about proposed projects and how to participate in a meeting.

What can I expect at a neighborhood meeting?

Here is a common meeting structure:

  • The applicant will give a presentation about the proposed project. 
  • A question and answer period will begin, inviting you to ask questions or make comments. Everyone is given an opportunity to speak.
  • If you have an interest in a particular project and are unable to attend the meeting, you are welcome to submit your questions or statements directly to the applicant or Town representative ahead of the meeting.
  • The meeting will adjourn once there are no more questions from the public.

How do I attend virtually?

Most meetings are in-person and will have an option to attend virtually. Some smaller projects only offer virtual attendance. All neighborhood meeting letters, notices, and calendar postings will provide you with instructions on how to virtually participate. You are encouraged to start the log-in process early in the event you need to download any software for your device.

  • Generally at the start of each meeting, all participants will have their video and audio turned off. The applicant will turn on your audio when you have a question.
  • Most platforms have an option for you to “raise your hand” to alert the applicant that you have a question.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!