Possibilities Playground

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Possibilities Playground at Butterfield Crossing Park

Imagine a universally designed, sensory-rich environment that enables children of all abilities to develop physically, socially and emotionally. With your help, this vision is now a reality at Butterfield Crossing Park in Castle Rock.

The Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation joined forces with the Parks and Recreation Department to maximize already planned renovation work and fundraise to provide a fully inclusive playground instead of just a "replacement" playground. The department’s Capital Improvement Plan identified the need for upgrades, and 2022 priorities focused on addressing safety and life-cycle replacement. The Foundation used this timing as an opportunity to enhance the park beyond renovation work with Possibilities Playground. They set a goal of raising $1.3 million and established an online donation site through Colorado Gives.

Survey results from the planning phase of this renovation project demonstrated a collectively strong desire to create a playground and shared community space to serve users of all ability levels. Looking at the statistics for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities, along with information on inclusive playgrounds in the Denver Metro area left the Foundation feeling that same desire.

Visitation data from inclusive playgrounds nationwide indicates that because the disabled population is so underserved when it comes to outdoor recreating opportunities, visitors travel well beyond the distance of their local neighborhood park to ensure play is available for folks of all ability levels.

The goal of this inclusive playground was for visitors of all ages and abilities to be able to play, be challenged and have fun together.  

Inclusive playground features

Sensory Wall

The Sensory Wall engages the senses, helping children of all abilities further their development as they play together. Built-in tactile elements encourage users to explore various rough and smooth textures and shapes. Featuring a variety of shapes and textures, the Sensory Wall promotes exploration, auditory and visual skills while also developing dexterity.

Roller Table

Rolling horizontally lets children slide back and forth on all sides of their bodies, providing much needed sensory stimulation through the application of deep-muscle pressure from the steel rollers. Balance, coordination, flexibility and motor planning are all practiced while using the Roller Table.

Two-way, 50-foot ZipKrooz

ZipKrooz brings new adventure to the playground in an exciting, safe way, providing every child with the linear experience of flying. Unlike other playground zip lines, ZipKrooz is a two-way ride, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to start. With its unique track trolley system and comfortable seat suspended by a rubber-wrapped chain, ZipKrooz is engineered for exceptional comfort and safety. Sensory, motor skill, cognitive and social/emotional skills are all utilized on the ZipKrooz.

Pulse Tennis Table

The interactive, multisensory Pulse Tennis Table encourages movement in an exciting new way. Colorful lights and engaging sounds invite kids to play this back-and-forth game that gets faster as it goes. Helping children of all abilities develop healthy sportsmanship skills and hand-eye coordination, players can tally their points or play for fun. Motor planning, imaginative play, and proprioception skills are enhanced through the Pulse Tennis Table.

We-Go Swing with one accessible bay

The back-and-forth movement of swinging provides a child's nervous system with a wealth of visual, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation as they learn how their bodies move in space and how much effort it takes to increase or decrease their speed. The We-Go Swing promotes social interaction for a truly inclusive experience by encouraging multiple users to work together while swinging.

Two-bay, 52-inch swing, with two molded buckets seats

The simple motion of swinging fuels the nervous system with visual, vestibular and proprioceptive information. Swinging also builds core and grip strength by holding onto the swing, and can improve coordination when a child learns to pump their legs and swing by themselves. The molded bucket seats feature a harness and chain, providing greater stability for children with limited upper-body strength.

52-inch Friendship Swing

This multi-user swing is a one size fits all, from two children to a multigenerational family. The Friendship Swing is a great way for siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy time together.


Multidimensional movements like spinning and rotating supply children's brains with valuable, complex and proprioceptive information. This connects input from head and body position in space, helping children maintain proper body posture and balance while they play. The We-Go-Round is fully wheelchair accessible and promotes fun interaction by having all users face each other.

Rhapsody musical instruments

Children and adults of all ages and abilities can join the band and explore the power of rhythm, experience subtle shifts in tone and discover the many ways individual sounds can be creatively combined. All musical instruments are wheelchair accessible.