Play Loop at Philip S. Miller Park

Sidewalk loop completion at the Philip S. Miller Park Adventure Playground

view of playloop from slide showing bamboo jungle and cyclocone spinning climberThe next time you visit Philip S. Miller Park, try out one of three features that are part of the park’s new Play Loop. While adding a sidewalk to connect the southwestern parking area to the aerial trekking course and adventure playground, pitstops for play were also added. Climb through a bamboo jungle, take a spin on the Cyclo Cone spinning climber or slide into fun on a 30-foot-long, at-grade slide.

The project, which wrapped up this summer, was funded through lease fees paid by The EDGE: Zipline Tours. Accessibility improvements were also a key priority with the upgrades. The portable restrooms were relocated out of the parking lot to provide a safer experience and create additional parking spots. The trailhead was also relocated, improving access to trails within the park.

Overhead view of new playloop