Telephone Town Hall

View of Downtown Castle RockLet’s talk!

If it costs something and it’s important, it better be in your budget.

So, what’s important to the Town, now and in the future? Public safety has long been a priority, along with core services like roads and water.

Learn about the Town’s budget in a telephone town hall at 6 p.m. June 13.

Ways to engage

  • Sign up for us to call you
  • Call in at 833-479-1989
  • Watch live on the Town's Facebook page @CRgov
  • Attend in person at 100 N. Wilcox St.

Sign up

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It’s always your choice whether to participate when the time comes. Signing up will also allow you to receive surveys so you can share your feedback about issues that matter to your Town.

We hope you’ll join us!