Homelessness is a multifaceted regional and national issue. In Castle Rock, our approach prioritizes safety, along with offering resources to those experiencing homelessness.

The Town of Castle Rock is not the provider of health and human services for the area. The Town works to offer resources to individuals experiencing homelessness through Douglas County - which receives funding for and is responsible for providing health and human services - and these area nonprofits:

Local law enforcement has limited ability to effectively address homelessness. Castle Rock Police Department's Community Partnership Unit initiates contact when feasible to help ensure safety and in an attempt to connect those experiencing homelessness to available resources. Town Council recently approved hiring another officer dedicated to this unit.

Douglas County, meanwhile, is hiring three resource navigators to partner with law enforcement officers. The County is also spearheading a public awareness campaign and hiring a reintegration deputy to work with inmates being released from the Douglas County Jail.

Douglas County has discussed the possibility of establishing a temporary shelter for those experiencing homelessness on land the County owns - including at a site in Castle Rock. The Castle Rock Town Council has formally notified the County Commissioners via letter (PDF) that the Council is opposed to a shelter within Castle Rock.