Online Ticket Payment

Available for some court offenses

Online payment is available for some court offenses. The Town now participates in CitePayUSA, which makes paying court obligations fast, easy and secure. Any offense to which defendants can plead by mail now can be pleaded to and paid for online through CitePayUSA.

Speeding ticket point reduction

Four-point speeding tickets - those for 10 to 19 miles per hour over the speed limit - will be reduced to two-point tickets and three-point tickets to one point if paid by the court date.

Defendants not eligible to plead online still can pay their fines online after pleading in court, an option especially helpful for those unable to pay the fines on their court date.

No envelopes, stamps or trips to the courthouse are needed with CitePay, which can be used anytime and anywhere Internet access is available.

How to pay using CitePay

To pay your court obligations, do the following:

  • Select Colorado and then Castle Rock Municipal Court from the drop-down menus on the CitePay website
  • Enter your citation number and date of birth to find your information
  • Select the items you wish to pay
  • Use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, debit card or checking account information to make the payment
  • Print a receipt

The site uses the same high-level security used by online banking and financial sites. CitePay charges a convenience fee of 5.95% of the total amount paid for the convenience of paying online, all of which CitePay keeps.

Castle Rock Municipal Court does not pay nor receive any remuneration for participating in the service. It's simply provided as an additional option for defendants.


If you have a question regarding CitePay, contact CitePay directly at 888-407-0931 or email Customer Service. For all other questions, please contact the court via email or at 303-663-6133.