Wolfensberger Road Widening

Wolfensberger Road is a major arterial connecting local and regional travel between the western portions of Town and Interstate 25. Roadway and pedestrian improvements have been identified in the Transportation Master Plan (PDF) and the 1998 Wolfensberger Road Area Plan (PDF). The project will impact the roadway from Prairie Hawk Drive to the western Town limits.

This project includes designing the remaining two lanes of the master-planned four lanes on Wolfensberger Road from the intersection of Prairie Hawk Drive to the western edge of Town. The eastbound stretch of Wolfensberger Road near Cedar Hill Cemetery will also be widened.

The project will reduce congestion along Wolfensberger Road, provide needed pedestrian and bicycle connections between the downtown area and Coachline Road, and support proposed development along Wolfensberger.

This project includes the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Wolfensberger Road and Red Hawk Drive, which will improve safety at the intersection through congestion relief.

The project will also include bicycle multi-use lanes and pedestrian sidewalks.

Project design is currently underway and will be ongoing through 2023. You may see various crews and traffic control setups for underground utility investigation, survey and soil borings, to provide necessary information to be included in the design. The 30% design package is on track to be ready in early 2023, which, will help the project team address the project limits and any additional right-of-way and easements that may be necessary for construction. The project's first public meeting will be scheduled for spring 2023. The project will be broken into various packages to allow for phasing to ensure traffic can be maintained throughout construction.

Project map highlights the work zone along Wolfensberger Road

Who are the stakeholders & how will they be involved?

Project engineers will conduct stakeholder outreach to fully understand their concerns and to help set goals for the project.

An agency workshop will be held to collect information, issues and concerns from the following Town and Douglas County stakeholders:

  • Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation
  • Douglas County Historic Preservation Board
  • Castle Rock Town departments
  • Castle Rock Fire and Rescue
  • Castle Rock Police Department

Stakeholder groups will be formed around common interests:

  • Retail and commercial interests will be reached through the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.
  • Developers to include KB Homes, BLVD Builders and Richmond Homes.
  • Large acreage non-residential property owners to include Epiphany Lutheran Church, Douglas County School District and the Board of Directors for the Cedar Hill Cemetery.
  • Property owners with direct single-driveway access to Wolfensberger. Contacts are being developed and these may be individual meetings.

Schedule of public outreach events coordinated with design milestones

The schedule has been laid out to align stakeholder meetings and outreach with the design schedule. This project schedule is approximate and subject to change.

Fall 2022:

  • Agency workshop
  • Stakeholder meeting

Spring 2023:

  • 30% design
  • Stakeholder meeting
  • Public meeting

Winter 2023:

  • 90% design
  • Stakeholder meeting
  • Public meeting

2024 to 2026: 

  • Construction