Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Boulevard Roundabout

To help reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety and operations in the area, the intersection of Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Boulevard will be improved with a roundabout.

Project background

Town staff reviewed a variety of roadway improvement options to identify one that meets the most elements valued by the community: high safety, low lifecycle cost, low downtime, low environmental impacts, and reliability. The roundabout option was determined to be the most effective over traffic signal and stop sign options.

The project implements the following:

  • Improved access to the new Crystal Valley interchange from the southeast areas of Town, once constructed.
  • Bicycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings.
  • Reduced speeds at the intersection, which assists with improved safety.

Project timeline

  • Contract approval in December 2022
  • Construction began in March 2023
  • Substantial project completion achieved in December 2023


We are pleased to share that the roundabout construction project at Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Boulevard is substantially complete. This marks a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance traffic flow and safety in the area. The Town thanks you for your patience throughout the duration of this project. The project team will be back in the area once warmer weather returns to complete minor finishing work on Plum Creek Boulevard just south of the roundabout.

Project cost

The total project cost is about $3 million. The cost of the project is primarily sourced from the Town’s Transportation Fund, which comprises of revenue from sales tax, motor vehicle taxes and building use taxes.