Downtown Wayfinding Signage Plan

Castle Rock continues to be a world-class community for businesses, residents and visitors. As recommended through the Downtown Mobility Master Plan, the Town has identified the need to improve wayfinding signage to help people explore Downtown and find services. The plan is being funded by the Town and is anticipated to be concluded in 2023.

Project overview

The wayfinding signage project is the first step to connecting residents and visitors to the vibrant Downtown community. The plan Downtown stores on Wilcox Street between Third and Fourth streets.will create a hierarchy of cohesive wayfinding signs, from large-scale gateways to smaller directional amenities for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians traversing through Downtown. This project is aimed at improving the Town's mobility efficiency, enhancing recreational activity, providing vehicle guidance and increasing roadway safety.

Wayfinding signage will allow people to navigate Downtown with greater ease. With the completion of this plan, a network of routes and signage will enable visitors using all modes of transportation, regardless of familiarity with Downtown, to more easily navigate the streets due to increased information. The timing of the Downtown signage installation will be determined once grants and funding have been secured by the Town.

Downtown wayfinding signage example

Vehicular and pedestrian directional signage illustrations from Historical Kissimmee Downtown.

Join the conversation

As the project progresses, the wayfinding project team will reach out to residents through news releases and social media updates on the Town's pages to obtain comments on proposed Downtown signage. Additionally, the team is working closely with Downtown businesses and organizations such as the Castle Rock Chamber and Downtown Development Authority to ensure the Town's plan is in alignment with stakeholder needs. Please know, the below project schedule is approximate and subject to change.

Project timeline

Fourth quarter 2022:

  • First resident survey to gather feedback on signage needs (Complete.)

Second quarter 2023:

  • Second resident survey to gather feedback on conceptual design options (Complete.)
  • Stakeholder meeting with the Downtown Development Authority and Castle Rock Chamber (Complete.)

Fourth quarter 2023: 

  • Completion of the Downtown Wayfinding signage plan
  • Town Council presentation

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