Hiring a contractor

Is your contractor registered with the Town?

Contractors must be licensed with the Town in order to obtain a building permit.  A contractor's license must be in good standing before they are granted a registration. Contractor registrations are meant to ensure that your contractor adheres to adopted building and municipal codes which are designed to keep you, your property and workers safe. 

If your contractor needs information on how to become registered, instructions and applications can be found on the Contractor Registration page. 

Search to verify that your contractor is registered by visiting the eTRAKit Development Portal. 

Registered contractors help to protect the following:

  • Residents and businesses
    Ensuring qualified contractors are responsible for quality workmanship and safe practices
  • Contractors
    Requiring them to carry liability Insurance and have a valid contractor's license
  • Contractor's employees
    Requiring contractors to carry workers’ compensation insurance

Track the progress of your project on the eTRAKit Development Portal.

Permit information and inspection results are available on eTRAKit Development Portal. Create an account by following the small link located on the upper left of the eTRAKiT screen. Inspection results will be updated as soon as possible after your inspection is completed.