Landscape Plan

2023 ColoradoScape regulation landscape plan

The Town of Castle Rock is creating a conservation culture and in 2022 implemented a ColoradoScape requirement for new homes and properties. If your property was permitted and built after Jan. 1, 2023, it is subject to the landscape and irrigation criteria specification regarding no turf in the front yard, no more than 500 square feet in the back, and for non-residential properties, no turf in nonfunctional areas. There is also a corresponding water budget. The builder was required to follow this landscape plan. Homeowners responsible for backyard landscaping are encouraged to follow the preapproved landscape plan prepared by a professional landscape designer specific for their property and which was used to establish their water budget. Homeowner's can a request a copy of this plan. 

Request ColoradoScape landscape plan (online form)

While a homeowner can change this landscape plan, the corresponding water budget will not change. This generally means that if more water-intensive materials are placed in the yard, this could push water consumption into a higher, more expensive tier.

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The Town encourages homeowners designing and/or installing backyard landscaping to take advantage of the Town’s services which are provided to assist with proper landscape design and installation for optimal water conservation.  These services come at no charge to the homeowner for the first three reviews and/or inspections.  Request a review and/or inspection. Homeowners installing new landscapes may also request a Temporary Irrigation Exemption (online form) in order to irrigate outside the every-third-day watering schedule.

HOA pre-approved ColoradoScape designs

The State of Colorado has passed several laws (e.g., SB23-178) requiring homeowners associations to allow drought-tolerant landscapes. One of the stipulations is to provide three pre-approved designs for residential use. Castle Rock Water has created several designs for HOAs, developers or residents to use.

Prescribed ColoradoScape designs (PDF)