Bell Mountain Ranch Tank, Pipeline and Well

The Town of Castle Rock entered into an agreement with Bell Mountain Ranch in 2022 to provide drinking water services to this community. The project includes a new twelve-inch water main, water storage tank, pump station and subsequently, a new deep groundwater well. The new pump station will be located in the Crystal Valley Ranch subdivision. The new tank will be located on top of the hill at the end of Cactus Rose Circle. The new twelve-inch water main will be constructed between the Crystal Valley Ranch subdivision and the existing Bell Mountain Ranch tank site. The new well is a re-drill at the existing well site.

The cost of the project is $4.5 million.

A neighborhood open house was held on Aug. 30, 2022. Watch the presentation:


  • Storage tank:  Late 2022 to Spring 2024 (tentative)
  • Pipeline:  To be determined
  • Pump station:  Spring 2024 (tentative) 
  • Well A-3 re-drill:  June to November 2023

Access and disruptions

No road closures or water service disruptions are anticipated with these projects. Construction traffic may be noticeable but is restricted to a designated route. No construction parking is allowed outside of the construction sites.

Project details

Storage Tank

To maintain proper pressures within the community and that of adjacent communities, a new water tank is being built. It is located near the current tank and has been built into the hill for appropriate pressure considerations and also minimal visual impact. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion in spring 2024.


A pipeline to connect Bell Mountain Ranch residents to the Castle Rock Water system is required.  In 2023 easements were obtained. The construction schedule is to be determined.

Pump Station

A pump station delivers water from one zone to the next. This pump station, located in Crystal Valley Ranch is currently in construction and scheduled for completion tentatively in spring 2024.

Well A-3 re-drill

Since the purchase of the Bell Mountain facilities, staff has determined that the existing well infrastructure is failing and needs to be abandoned and re-drilled. Hydro Resources has been contracted for the construction, including drilling, completion and testing for the re-drill of Bell Mountain Ranch Well A-3 located east of the Bell Mountain Ranch treatment plant. The re-drilled well will replace the lost capacity to the Bell Mountain Ranch supply and expand future capacity for the Town at the completion of the future tie-in. 

Project updates

  1. June 15, 2023

    As Castle Rock Water continues to ensure a strong water future, staff has completed additional evaluations and have determined that the existing Arapahoe well (A-3) infrastructure needs to be abandoned and re-drilled. The re-drill of Well A-3 will replace the lost capacity to Bell Mountain Ranch’s (BMR’s) treatment plant and ensure future capacity during periods of drought even after the completion of the future tie-in with Castle Rock Water. This well will enhance our water service and provide high-quality drinking water to our customers.

    The project is scheduled for construction from June 2023 through November 2023. The following schedule is approximate and can also be affected by weather conditions. Beginning June 14 through approximately July 3, we will conduct drilling operations. This drilling will occur 24 hours/day. Around the clock drilling is necessary to maximize well productivity and ensure effective well construction. In order to help dampen drilling rig noise, twenty-four to thirty-two foot-high sound walls have been installed around the permitter of the site. Normal construction activities will take place on weekdays (7 a.m. – 6 p.m.). Work may also occur on Saturdays (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) as approved by Castle Rock Water to accommodate special conditions. No disruptions to water services are anticipated with this project.

    Your safety is very important to us and work zone protection devices will be in place for the duration of the project. Construction traffic access to the work site will be from Bell Mountain Drive. Temporary traffic interruptions may occur during normal work hours, and sidewalk/trail closures will be necessary during the project’s duration.

Bell Mountain Project Map 2023


A cross-connection is an actual or potential link between the potable water supply (water safe for human consumption) and non-potable water (any other type of liquid, gas or substance not fit for consumption and that can affect water quality).

As Castle Rock Water welcomes the Bell Mountain Ranch into the distribution system, we need to ensure that there are no cross-connection concerns. Many of the homes in Bell Mountain Ranch have fire suppression systems which do have cross-connection potential. It is required by the State of Colorado to have these cross-connections inspected each year.

Inspections and verifications are currently underway. For more information, contact email.