Mitchell Gulch Retention Pond Improvements

Project scope

Our Stormwater Division is planning improvements to the Mitchell Gulch retention pond.  This existing stock pond, located just north of Mikelson Boulevard on the Mitchell Gulch Tributary to Cherry Creek, suffers from excessive vegetation and sedimentation that has reduced the pond's volume and is not favorable for aquatic species habitat.  Additionally, there is not a defined overflow spillway and the outlet structure is undersized and prone to clogging from debris.

Proposed improvements include rebuilding the dam embankment to current State Engineers Office Dam Safety criteria, adding an armored overflow spillway, increasing the volume of the pond for water quality storage and aquatic species habitat, and adding recreational trail access and fishing platforms.

Access and disruptions

No water disruptions or road closures are anticipated, but residents should expect construction traffic in the area. Access to the Mitchell Gulch concrete trail adjacent to the pond may be periodically affected during construction.

Contract and timeline

Anderson Consulting Engineers is the project design consultant. Preliminary design began in February 2023.  The project design and State/Federal permitting are expected to be completed by fall 2024.  Construction is planned to occur in 2029.


For additional information, contact Castle Rock Water at 720-733-6000, the Stormwater Hotline at 720-733-2235 or email us.