Public Art Plan

Public Art Strategic Plan Image Opens in new windowThe Public Art Commission created this strategic plan to expand upon the vision and goals of the Town of Castle Rock's Public Art Master Plan from 2007 and the 2017 Public Art Plan, while integrating the future dreams and aspirations of our growing community.

The Public Art Commission has always played an integral role in defining public art for Castle Rock while providing direction to Town Council concerning the use of its designated funds. 

Composed of seven volunteers appointed by Town Council, the commission meets monthly, and more as needed, to determine the best practices and strategies to accomplish its goals on behalf of residents.

Since the commission's inception, Castle Rock has slowly acquired more and more art pieces, ranging from two-dimensional paintings to murals and sculptures. Since 2009, the commission has participated in Douglas County Art Encounters to provide rotating sculptures to Castle Rock and freshen up the art scene each year. 

Past surveys and questionnaires demonstrate that Castle Rock residents cherish art and cultural offerings, and as Castle Rock continues to grow, there is an important opportunity to maintain small-town charm, preserve distinct local identity and honor our history and heritage through art and cultural offerings. Art can foster community pride and attract new residents and businesses that value creative communities. This plan will set future objectives to ensure art and cultural offerings will continue to enhance Castle Rock's quality of life. 


In 2020, the Town issued an online survey for public art to assess residents' perception of the program and provide feedback on desired art and cultural offerings. Various members of the commission also completed on-the-street interviews at the 2020 Castle Rock Artfest event. In-depth stakeholder interviews were held throughout 2021 and 2022 to garner input on the possibilities of future public art in Castle Rock, and a master planning workshop was held by the commission in 2022. 

Using the previously generated public feedback and information from the stakeholder interviews, the commission freshened up its mission and vision. They also added an operational vision to set a future-oriented destination to provide an organizational stretch while offering a concisely stated and compelling long-term direction. Members defined the group's core values to determine best operating practices and created six thematic goals. While each theme contains its own actionable strategies, the commission believes that these goals are complementary and will oftentimes overlap in their success.

In fall 2023, the commission issued a public questionnaire to obtain feedback on the finalized draft plan. Town Council approved the final version in November. 

Link to view the final Public Art Strategic Plan
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