2023 State of the Town

At his 2023 State of the Town event, Mayor Jason Gray highlighted the work the Town is undertaking to contribute to the quality of life in Castle Rock. Among the most notable achievements in this regard was the Town’s acquisition of Cantril School in May. Not only will the Town preserve the historical building for generations to come, but it will also offer arts and enrichment programming in the building beginning this fall.

Other videos spotlighted the great work underway within each major Town department. These videos touched on some common misconceptions about the departments’ operations while also highlighting some of their current issues.

Castle Rock Water

Mayor Gray and Castle Rock Water Director Mark Marlowe discuss how reuse water is clean, cost-effective and tastes great. They also review new conservation measures and plans.

Castle Rock Police Department

The Mayor and Police Chief Jack Cauley talk about how Castle Rock remains one of the safest communities in the State, even while it grows. They also remind residents to #LockItUp!

Development Services Department 

Development Services Director Tara Vargish and Mayor Gray review the Town’s development processes, along with stepped-up efforts to enforce the Town’s sign code.

Public Works Department

Pavement maintenance is central to the discussion between Mayor Gray and Public Works Director Dan Sailer. Additionally, they chat about key projects like the Crystal Valley interchange.

Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department

Fire Chief Norris Croom reviews CRFD’s future station plans with Mayor Gray.

Finance Department

Mayor Gray and Finance Director Trish Muller discuss the Town’s finances, including the annual audit process and a recent sales tax slowdown.

Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Brauer updates Mayor Gray about the improvements underway at Mitchell Gulch Park and an upcoming park in Plum Creek north; the recent reopening of Butterfield Crossing Park; the Colorado Front Range Trail project; a potential sports development center; and more.