North Meadows Drive Traffic Calming Plan

Background information

In late 2022, homeowners in The Meadows neighborhood contacted the Town regarding speeding concerns along North Meadows Drive between Elegant Street and Meadows Boulevard. Town staff met with the neighborhood point of contact and described the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. The resident informed the Town that they were interested in pursuing the program. 

Town staff then conducted traffic studies along the street to identify the speed and average daily traffic volume on North Meadows Drive. To qualify for the program, the 85th percentile speed needs to be 30 mph or greater and the average daily traffic volume 500 vehicles or greater. The results of the speed study:

North Meadows Drive at Champagne Avenue

  • 85th percentile speed = 30 mph
  • Average daily traffic volume = 1,057 vehicles

North Meadows Drive at Elegant Street

  • 85th percentile speed = 35 mph
  • Average daily traffic volume = 1,070 vehicles

Development of the traffic calming plan

To address the speeding concern, Town staff from multiple departments, including Public Works, Development Services, Police Department and Castle Rock Fire and Rescue developed a plan to reduce speeds on North Meadows Drive from Meadows Boulevard to Elegant Street. The plan recommends several mitigation measures to slow traffic (see a map of the plan on this page). Three raised speed cushions and a yellow centerline stripe around the roadway curve are proposed. 

The goal of these mitigation measures is to:

  • Reduce vehicle speeds
  • Improve overall public safety
  • Improve quality of life for a majority of residents

Resident feedback

The outcome of resident feedback will help staff and Town Council in making the final decision on approving the plan and if any changes should be made.

The Town initially shared its proposed traffic calming plan with residents during the Oct. 24 Council open house for Districts 1 and 3.

Additionally, the Town accepted online public feedback on the proposed plan. Mailers were sent to residents living near North Meadows Boulevard and requested feedback on the proposed traffic calming plan. The public feedback period closed Monday, Nov. 13.

During the Nov. 21 Town Council meeting, Town staff presented the proposed traffic calming plan, along with the resident comments obtained during the public feedback period. During that meeting, Council approved the traffic calming plan.


Once approved by Town Council, it will be scheduled for construction before the end of the year, weather permitting, and availability of asphalt. If weather or asphalt prevents the project from being constructed this fall, it will be constructed in spring 2024.

Map of the traffic calming plan

Map includes three speed cushions and center roadway striping on North Meadows Drive.