Safe Streets for All Action Plan

Project description

The Town of Castle Rock received a federal grant to help improve roadway safety as part of the Safe Streets for All program. This grant is being used to create an Action Plan to identify areas with higher crash potential and develop a prioritized list of actions the Town can take to improve driving, biking and walking in Castle Rock. Learn more about the project (PDF).

Project goal

The Town of Castle Rock’s goal is to trend toward zero fatalities and severe injuries on our roadways. This plan will identify and prioritize safety improvements using a Safe Systems approach to help achieve this goal.

Tell us what you think

We want to hear about your experiences driving, biking and walking in Castle Rock. Are there specific streets or intersections that feel unsafe? Answer this survey and use this comment map to drop a pin for safety concerns such as inadequate sight distances, conflicts between turning vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists or an unusual number of crashes.

We will collect comments on this map and survey through Feb. 28, and use this information along with feedback from other community surveys and crash analysis in developing the Action Plan.

Project timeline

January through April 2024: Gather community feedback and conduct a systemic safety analysis

May through July 2024: Develop draft Action Plan for community review and feedback

Fall 2024: Present final Action Plan to Town Council