What is the expected traffic increase for roads along the truck route?

Traffic counts were taken in April 2022. The counts show that of the total average daily traffic (ADT) on corridors, trucks were less than 5% of overall traffic on state highways, and between 1% and 3% on the Town's major arterials. This is a below-typical percentage of trucks (usually between three to 6%) on these types of roadways. Since the overall total number of trucks routing through Town will not be influenced by the implementation of a designated truck route program, truck volumes are not anticipated to change on Wolfensberger Road, Lake Gulch Road, Highway 86 east of Founders Parkway/Ridge Road or Highway 86 north of Meadows Parkway. With the implementation of truck restrictions on Gilbert Street and Wilcox Street, there will be a very small increase in the number of trucks along Founders Parkway, Plum Creek Parkway and Ridge Road. However, the increase of trucks along these roads is anticipated to be less than 100 trucks per day. In addition, the implementation of the truck route would result in a reduction of trucks on Gilbert Street and through Downtown by 130 or fewer trucks per day.

The table below shows the existing truck volume and percent of trucks and the forecasted truck volume and percent of trucks along routes where implementation of the designated truck route program will increase or decrease overall truck traffic.

Existing and projected truck traffic with the implementation of the designated truck route program

RoadwayLocationAverage daily traffic (ADT)Existing truck volume (April 2022)Existing percent trucks of ADTProjected truck volume with designated truck routesProjected percent of trucks with designated truck routes
Founders ParkwayNorth of Highway 8620,8263601.7%4272.1%
Ridge RoadNorth of Enderud Boulevard14,3661401.0%2071.4%
State Highway 86East of Founders Parkway17,6353151.8%3151.8%
Plum Creek ParkwayEast of Gilbert Street21,7491680.8%2351.1%
Plum Creek ParkwayNear Perry Street22,9381740.8%2411.1%
Fifth StreetEast of Woodlands Boulevard11,7111341.1%50.04%
Wolfensberger RoadWest of Prairie Hawk Drive5,656691.0%691.0%

As shown in the table, the overall percent of truck traffic is expected to increase by 0.3% on Plum Creek Parkway, 0.4% on Ridge Road, 0.4% on Founders Parkway and reduce by 0.7% on Gilbert Street. Note that the above figure is an estimation and the projected five trucks on Gilbert Street are representative of local deliveries still being allowed under the designated truck route program.

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