What is Castle Rock Water doing about PFAS?

Castle Rock Water is committed to protecting our residents and our resources. Staff have been engaged in numerous discussions at Federal, Regional and State levels (including regulators and legislators) stressing the importance of appropriately regulating, managing and remediating PFAS substances. The multibarrier approach used in our treatment system means we have flexibility in treating new substances.

These communications have included the importance of holding those parties who introduced the PFAS into the environment responsible for remediation and clean-up and the importance of prohibiting additional use of PFAS compounds in the manufacture of goods.

In 2022, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law the most comprehensive state bill restricting the sale of PFAS in consumer products, as well as fluids used in the extraction of oil and gas products, as early as 2024. Eliminating PFAS at the source is the best way to keep it out of the environment.

We also support a growing body of peer-reviewed scientific research on PFAS. As a leader in the water industry, Castle Rock Water is engaged in stakeholder and other local, state and national opportunities to develop solutions. Castle Rock Water will continue to closely monitor the EPA's guidelines on PFAS to inform our next steps.

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