What is the Town's plan for future growth?

The Castle Rock Comprehensive Master Plan outlines the Town’s strategies for handling future short- and long-term growth. The plan is built on four cornerstones:

Town Identity

Preserve Castle Rock’s unique character as a distinct and physically separate community at the heart of Douglas County.

Community Planning

Accommodate the needs of existing and future residents while preserving and protecting Castle Rock’s identity and quality of life.

Community Services

Ensure the provision of community services that support the public interest and well-being of all Castle Rock residents and businesses.

Local Economy

Promote economic self-sufficiency and long-term stability of the local economy. This focus aims to provide a broad range of employment opportunities for residents and a healthy tax base for the Town.

Based on these objectives, the Castle Rock Comprehensive Master Plan should help guide our community in making the best choices for the Town as it grows over the next 20 years.

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4. What is the Town's plan for future growth?