What is the Town's plan for future growth?

The Castle Rock Comprehensive Master Plan outlines the Town’s strategies for handling future short- and long-term growth. The plan is built on four cornerstones:

Distinct Town Identity
Ensure Castle Rock is recognized and rewarded as a unique and welcoming community distinguished by its vibrant and historic Downtown, small-town character, distinct identity as the Douglas County seat, diverse and easily accessible recreation options, scenic natural environment, and family-friendly activities.

Responsible Growth
Plan for responsible development that accommodates the needs of existing and future residents while enhancing the Town’s own character, maintaining a distinct identity and ensuring we remain a vibrant freestanding community within the region.

Community Services
Ensure quality community services and infrastructure are provided in an efficient manner to support public health, safety and welfare to maintain a high quality of life for Castle Rock residents and business owners.

Thriving Economy
Ensure Castle Rock is a self-sufficient community where people can work, live and play.  This includes a business environment that offers a broad range of primary employment opportunities for residents and maintains a healthy tax base.

Based on these objectives, the Castle Rock Comprehensive Master Plan should help guide our community in making the best choices for the Town and ensure success for future generations.

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