How are crosswalks determined?

In order to gain consistency on how crosswalks are marked, the Town's Traffic Engineering Division follows the Town Council-approved Crosswalk Marking Guidelines. The establishment of guidelines helps reduce the indiscriminate marking of crosswalks, helps increase awareness for motorists and pedestrians, and strives to increase safety for both. Crosswalk markings are not needed at intersections where legal crosswalks exist in order for them to be enforced. This is an important distinction to be kept in mind and is the guiding principal for the establishment of these guidelines. Markings should be limited to locations where legal crosswalks don't already exist in order to create one and at intersections with legal crosswalks only when additional supplemental treatments are added to increase safety. Standard locations that are marked are uncontrolled approaches, stop sign-controlled approaches, traffic signals on all approaches, school zone crosswalks and safe routes to school. All other locations are engineer-reviewed following the Crosswalk Marking Guidelines.

Reviewed Mar. 15, 2023

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