How do I get a deaf or blind child area warning sign installed on my street?

The Town of Castle Rock is very concerned about child safety. A resident living within the Town limits of Castle Rock who wishes to have a (Deaf/Blind) Child Area warning sign installed must submit a written request to the traffic engineer technician. The written request shall contain a statement to the effect that the child is under 18 years of age and shall be signed and dated by a parent. The request needs to have the child's address of residence and contact information of a parent for record keeping. The requester shall renew the request every two years in a written form to the traffic engineer. Documentation will need to be submitted by a licensed professional documenting the child's need for the warning signs in their neighborhood. Based on the location of where the signs need to be installed on your street, neighbors may need to be notified ahead of time as a courtesy. When a sign is approved, the following guidelines apply:

  • The (Deaf/Blind) Child Area sign shall be placed in accordance with the guidelines in the MUTCD
  • The sign placement will be reviewed every two years to insure that the criteria stated above still applies
  • The sign(s) will be removed when the child becomes 18 years of age The requester of the sign shall be responsible for notifying the Town of Castle Rock traffic engineer if the child is no longer living at the address for which the signs were placed
  • The requester of the sign shall recognize that these signs are supplemental signs for warning purposes only and do not carry full protection for the child

Reviewed Mar. 15, 2023

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1. How do I get a deaf or blind child area warning sign installed on my street?
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