What is reuse water?

Reuse water involves producing safe drinking water from wastewater. After water is used in our homes and businesses, it goes down the drain and is sent to the wastewater treatment plant. There, contaminants are removed and the water is released, in our case, into East Plum Creek. This water will then be picked back up from the creek, and sent to Plum Creek Water Purification Facility where it will undergo traditional and Advanced Treatment processes. This purified drinking water will be distributed to homes and businesses throughout Castle Rock.

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1. What is reuse water?
2. Why is Castle Rock going to reuse?
3. Is reuse water safe?
4. What is Advanced Treatment?
5. How is reuse water different than downstream water?
6. Are we drinking the same water the dinosaurs did?
7. What other communities use Reuse Water?